Gemy 11


A family of vertical edgers for every need

The Gemy series are Bavelloni vertical edgers with cup-shaped wheels able to meet all production requirements. The Gemy Series includes four models for processing flat edges with arrises and two models with variable angles.


High level performance

All Bavelloni Gemy machines have been designed and created using their vast experience acquired in over 40 years in the edging sector. The machines are robust and built to last. Bavelloni also utilizes the latest mechanical solutions and tools available to achieve incomparable results.

storefront windows equipment
storefront windows equipment

Bavelloni SB 10

Bavelloni SB10 Shaped edging and bevelling machine.Designed for edge execution with various profiles and bevel work on shaped or straight glass, sheets without using a template.



Glass thickness: 0.12 in > 1.5 in
Power: 2.3kw
Weight: 1322lbs
Min radius: 4 in
Max radius: 82 in

storefront windows equipment

B75 Bevelling Machine

The B75 Bevelling machine can simultaneously produce bevels with a penciled or flat edge and polished front arris. Bavelloni bevelling machines are reknowned for their quality and production speed.

Bavelloni - 60 years of expertise in glass.



Height: 90.5 in
Length: 287.5 in
Pressure: 6 bar
Weight: 9260 lbs
Power: 20 Kw
Width: 70.5 in
Glass thickness: 0.12 in > 0.78 in

VT 1250 Drilling Machines

Bavelloni VT 1250

VT 1250 Drilling machine with double head. Includes selection of bits.
Glass Thickness Range- 3-25mm

Holes- 4-130mm with both heads

8 Variable Speeds from 390 to 5250rpm

Automatic device for ejection of glass pieces from the sheet

Laser centering device

Water tank with recycling pump

1400x220 pneumatic roller table