We help your commercial space work harder for you, with diverse opportunities to apply new ideas to your interior and exterior. Our design-to-build support, and after sales service, you turn fixed boundaries into flexible possibilities, which dynamically divide and adjust spaces in hotels, restaurants, classrooms, and stadiums, based on your adaptive needs. 

Folding Wall Sytem


Glass Folding Door and Window offers countless options for wide open space, secure weather protection, and flexible interior areas. Clean lined glass panels glide effortlessly on precision engineered hardware to create large inviting entrances that seamlessly transition indoor and outdoor spaces yet close securely to form a rattle and draft free barrier to winter storms. 


Our folding wall system delivers superior weather performance, beautiful aesthetic design, and offers an optional floor supported movement when installation conditions require it

Choose from various configuration options that include a daily access door without needing to open the entire system.

Each folding wall system is custom made to order based on your project and your personal preferences

Brands that we carry

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